A Guide To Bathtub Refinishing


Any time that you want to spruce things up around your household but don't have a major budget, it's wise to start with some of the most critical fixes. When it comes to small home remodels, a great place to start is with your bathroom utilities. For instance, refinishing a tub will be beneficial in many ways and can be the start in revamping your bathroom. Read on to find out why refinishing your tub is a great decision, and learn how you can get this work done by a seasoned pro.

22 August 2017

Benefits Of Replacing The Old Windows In Your Home


Windows are great for letting in light and being able to see the world around you but when they are old and worn they can let more than sunlight in as well as allowing things out. Replacing your windows with modern windows is a great way to tighten up your home and reduce expenses over the long term. Leaking Windows The older the windows in your home are, the more likely they are to leak and let cold air into your home in the winter.

13 August 2017

Designing A Practical Outdoor Kitchen


It's very fun to eat outside, but why not take the next step and try cooking outdoors? A lot of the rules of setting up a great outdoor kitchen are similar to the rules of setting up a great indoor kitchen.  Create Functional Zones Make sure to setup functional zones. There needs to be a hot zone and a cool zone. The cool zone will be where you place your refrigerator and freezer, for example.

11 August 2017

Live In The City But Want A Farmhouse Kitchen? You Can Still Have One


If you like the look of a farmhouse kitchen and live in the city, you may not think you could have one. This is simply not true and there are many changes you can make in your kitchen to decorate it in this way. Below are some tips to help you get started so you can be proud of the kitchen you create. Farmhouse Cabinets You want to create a cozy and homey farmhouse kitchen.

10 August 2017

Just Moved Into A Fixer-Upper? Improve The Kitchen With Features That Will Last A Lifetime


Becoming a homeowner can put you into one of many scenarios, depending on what kind of home you buy. For instance, getting a turnkey home means that you will be able to walk through the door and know that everything in the home is ready to be used and lived in for a while before work must be done. You may have ended up buying a fixer-upper because you love the idea of improving it with your family.

9 August 2017

A Few Tips To Make Your Bathroom More Pleasant


If you groan every time you walk by or into your bathroom, it is probably time to do a bit of remodeling. While a bathroom is not a major area of the house, it is an area where guests may visit. In some aspects, it is considered a private area, a place where you store medicines and personal hygiene items. However, it is also an area where people tend to snoop a bit to get a bit of insight into who you are.

8 August 2017

How To Install Concealed Cabinet Hinges


If you are in the midst of kitchen remodeling and want to update your wooden kitchen cabinets, install concealed hinges. Concealed hinges, or Euro hinges, create a sleek finish, since they fasten on the interior of the cabinet door, and they can easily be adjusted. Concealed hinges are more complex to install than exterior hinges, but it isn't impossible for a beginning DIY person. Follow these tips to install concealed cabinet hinges.

6 August 2017