Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Senior Adults


When remodeling a bathroom, it is important to focus on more than just looks. While you do want the bathroom to look and feel lovely, you also need it to be functional. What's functional depends on your own needs, and those, in part, depend on your age. If you are a senior adult, here are some tips for remodeling a bathroom in a way that will make it accessible, safe, and comfortable.

Choose non-slip flooring for the shower

When choosing a tile or other flooring material for your shower, make sure it has some texture to it. You do not want the flooring to be slippery or slick while wet as this could put you at risk of slipping and falling in the shower. While there are non-slip mats you can put down in slick showers, they are not usually as effective as non-slip flooring, and you have to clean them, which is not always easy.

Install a handheld showerhead

As you get older and your mobility decreases, you may find it hard to rinse certain parts of your body. Having a handheld shower head can make this much easier, so be sure to include one in your new bathroom design.

Adjustable lighting

Make sure you have the lights installed with a dimmer switch. This way, if your eyes are really sensitive to light, you can turn the lights down to the point of being able to see without discomfort. If your vision is not as great as it once was, being able to turn the lights a bit brighter will come in handy when doing things like trimming your nails and applying nail polish.

Zero-entry shower

A zero-entry shower is one without a raised wall or guard on either side. These showers are great for older adults. You are less likely to injure yourself since you don't have to step over a rail. If you ever end up needing a shower chair, it will be easier to add to the shower. There are a few types of zero-entry showers, some of which have doors and others which do not. So, look at a few examples before you choose one.

These bathroom remodeling ideas and tips should serve you well now and as you continue to age. Talk to your remodeling contractor to see if they have any other suggestions. They can often suggest specific non-slip tiles, lighting fixtures, and so forth.

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3 May 2023

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