Which Granite Countertop Color Will Suit Your Kitchen?


Do you need a kitchen surface with stunning features? You should consider installing granite countertops. This material offers both functionality and elegance, which will provide value. Besides the appearance, granite countertop solutions are preferred because they're resistant to common stains and scratches. This surface will also be easy to maintain or clean over the years.

As you shop for these countertops, you'll notice that they come in different shades. Your choice will affect the kitchen's general appearance, so it's essential to make an informed decision. Read on to learn more about their color options.

Black Granite

Homeowners looking for a granite material that can create a sense of depth while emphasizing other colors should get black granite. This color, mainly jet black, will provide a great texture magnitude. The black pearly option has specks of dark gray or silver mica, and it forms a starry design at night, making the surfaces look beautiful. Cleaning the black granite surface will be easy, so you won't struggle to keep the kitchen clean.

White Granite

As the name suggests, white granite has a milky white background with dark brown patches, which are perfectly blended. The material will appear coarse, but it is actually smooth. This countertop color is known for giving an elegant modern ambiance. Like its black counterpart, this type offers versatility as it can blend or complement different things in the kitchen. 

The color will form a sense of serenity and calmness and light up the kitchen. Moreover, white granite is a symbol of elegance. So, if you don't know which color is suitable, you won't go wrong when you consider this option.

Blue Granite

If the first two options don't meet your requirements, you can consider the blue option. This granite color has become a great choice amongst homeowners, thanks to its healthy ambiance to the body and mind. As you shop for blue granite, you will come across various shades, so pick what suits you best.

Usually, the blue patterns can be categorized into two: the homogeneous and veined designs. You should pick the homogenous type if you prefer an evenly distributed blue. In case you like fascinating patterns with swirls, get the veined pattern. 

The color options will vary, and some options include navy blue, Persa Blue, Azul, and blue flower. Azul is popular thanks to its color intensity and continuous patterns. Consider your decor needs to select the best shade. For more information on granite counters, contact a supplier near you.


2 February 2023

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