How To Change Your Cabinet Doors


The style and functionality of your cabinets relies on the doors; that is, as they get older, cabinet doors can definitely start to open and close more clumsily. On top of this, the style of your doors can look outdated if they are old; doors have decorative miters that give them their style. If your cabinet doors have not been changed in a while, they will not only be harder to use, but they will also be more out of style.

2 May 2018

Tips For Choosing Shower Doors For Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel


If the time has come to remodel your home's "vintage" bathroom and make it look more modern, then these tips will help you choose the best shower doors for the project: Tip: Decide What Type of Glass You Want the Shower Door to Have The first decision you need to make before you shop for your new shower door is what type of glass you want it to have. Your options include:

5 April 2018

Give Your Ceramic Toilet A Make-Over With Paint


When you do bathroom remodeling, you may notice your toilet looking faded. Your first thought usually is to discard the toilet, but a fresh coat of paint can revive the bowl and seat and help them blend with your new decorating. Most toilet bowls and seats are made from ceramic, and they are easy to paint by following these tips. Prepare to Paint the Toilet To paint a ceramic toilet, gather:

19 March 2018

What Are The Advantages Of Fiberglass Replacement Windows?


You've probably given a lot of thought to replacement windows for your home if you are looking to increase its value and make it more efficient, but there are so many different kinds, it can be difficult to track down the right types. Fiberglass replacement windows are perhaps one of the most modern players in the replacement window lineup, and they do seem to be a popular choice among homeowners, but why is that the case?

16 February 2018

3 Easy Ways To Ease The Burden On Tenants During An Apartment Complex Remodel


Keeping your rental properties up to date and in good condition is the key to ensuring the rental property value stays on the up and up. However, remodeling an apartment complex can be somewhat of a challenge because it is highly unlikely that every unit will be empty at the time of the work. The last thing you want to do is cause problems for your tenants during a remodel, so the whole ordeal will take careful planning.

2 February 2018

How A Bathroom Renovation Can Protect You From Mold


Mold and mildew often appear in bathrooms and make them look a little uglier. Thankfully, it is possible to address this situation by renovating the bathroom and keeping mold and mildew from growing in there ever again. Mildew Can Be Dangerous Mildew is a form of mold that grows wherever it is damp. That's why it grows in bathrooms so often. It can also attract other forms of mold that can be dangerous to your health.

9 November 2017

2 Replacement Window Styles That Will Give Your Home's Living Space The Wow Factor


The windows of a home are often taken for granted and seen as a merely functional feature. As well as light, ventilation, and a view of the world outside, windows can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Depending on your choice of windows, this can be a positive impact or a highly negative one. This is particularly true in regards to the windows that are used in the living areas of your home.

3 October 2017