The Major Phases Of A Home Remodeling Project


A home remodeling project can take many forms. You might tear your home down to the exterior walls and start all over with building your remodeled home, or you may just make upgrades such as new flooring, new walls, new windows, and new siding. The scope of your project will probably depend a lot on your budget, but the condition of your house currently and your goals matter too.

The first step is to choose a home remodeling contractor who can help you realize what's possible with your budget and help plan your remodeling project so you're happy with the results. Here's what's involved with home remodeling.

Plans Are Drawn Up

You'll need plans just like you would when building a house. This gives the subcontractors and crew a guideline to follow. Plus, your home remodeling contractor needs plans to submit to the city to get the permit. Plans also help you finalize your goals for the project and let you visualize what the results will look like. It helps if you have firm ideas on what you want before you talk to the home remodeling contractor so your project can move through the planning phase faster.

Demolition Is Done As Needed

You might want flooring torn out, old drywall removed, and even a wall taken out. The first step is to do the demolition that's needed and toss the debris into a dumpster. You'll probably want to leave your home during this phase since the plumbing and electrical wires may be removed at this time once the walls are opened up. If you need to stay in your home while work is going on, discuss this with your home remodeling contractor so they can make this happen if possible.

Construction Work Is Completed

Construction during a remodeling project is usually done in phases, especially if you're replacing plumbing and electricity. The phases are planned in advance so the subcontractors can be called in during the right time of construction. The electrician and plumber need to install pipes and wires before the walls are closed, and then finish installing outlets, lights, and plumbing fixtures when the work is almost complete.

Cleaning Up Your Property

You'll probably make payments occasionally as the work is being done and then make the last payment when the work is complete. You'll have a chance to approve the work and request changes as the work is ongoing, but changes could cause a significant delay and increase in cost for your project. Once you're happy with your home, the crew cleans up the exterior of your home so your property is in good shape.

Your remodeling project might even include landscaping that can be done once your home is complete. The inside of your home will be cleaned too. The home remodeling contractor may bring in a subcontractor that does new construction home cleaning to make sure your home is clean and ready to move back into.

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25 July 2023

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