Things to Learn Before You Consider Cabinet Refacing


Kitchen cabinets provide storage space in a kitchen, which helps keep the room organized. The cabinets also affect the overall aesthetics, which is why the interior won't be as good-looking as it was before when they appear worn out or damaged.

Since cabinets are bound to fall into disrepair, with faulty hinges or handles and faded color, you should consider cabinet refacing. This procedure will improve their functionality and appearance within a short time. Here are essential things you'll need to understand before you consider kitchen cabinet refacing.

What Does the Process Entail?

Before trying to reface cabinets, you should understand the procedure to determine if it meets your requirements. This procedure entails replacing the skin panels of the damaged cabinet surface to give them a new look. Some areas this process will target include hardware replacements like handles, hinges, or drawer pulls. 

Also, the top panel can be refaced if it looks unattractive. The only upside is that cabinet boxes will remain the same, provided they haven't been damaged. Once the project is complete, your cabinets will look new, restoring the kitchen's attractive look.

Is Refacing Costly?

If you haven't refaced kitchen cabinets before, you'll likely want to know more about the costs. After all, you want to ensure this home improvement project offers a return on your investment. The cabinet refacing rates usually differ depending on several factors like the material, the number of cabinets, layout, and labor. 

If the contractor needs to make minor repairs too, the price will be lower. However, the costs will increase if you need to replace certain components because they are severely damaged or repair some cabinet boxes.

So, consult with your contractor to discuss the requirements of your kitchen cabinet refacing project and get a quotation. This way, you will know your budget in advance and prepare accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Refacing Cabinets?

Rebuilding kitchen cabinetry will be expensive and time-consuming because the contractor must do a complete overhaul. But with cabinet refacing, you'll get the benefits of a refit without overspending. Besides being affordable, refacing consumes less time and isn't disruptive. You can still use the space during the upgrade. Before you know it, the task will be complete.

What's more, you can explore a variety of styles with this eco-friendly cabinet upgrade solution, so learn the options to make an informed choice. Whether you choose veneer, natural wood, or laminates, you'll get outstanding results. 


17 January 2023

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