How To Make Your Wooden Cabinets Look New Again


Wood cabinets are quite popular in most homes. They are stylish and pretty durable. However, wood cabinets may show signs of wear and tear after several years or decades. But that doesn't mean you should replace them. You can make the cabinets look great again by doing the following things.

Restain or Repaint the Cabinets

If your wood cabinets are no longer attractive, you may decide to repaint or restain them. As long as the wood is in excellent condition, you can proceed to restain it. Restaining your cabinets should give them a more appealing color and help preserve the grain of the wood. 

Repainting the wood should also make the cabinets look vibrant. However, you must prepare the surface before staining or repainting your wood. A little sanding should be enough preparation.

Update the Interior

Most folks concentrate on the exterior of their cabinets since it's the part they see most. But do you know that the interior also needs to be updated? Well, you can start by painting the interior to give it a new look. Alternatively, you can use a special lining film on the interiors if you want a more modern look.

Rearrange the Cabinets

Rearranging the cabinets is yet another trick that might work for most kitchens. Surprisingly, it's an excellent way to update the look of your kitchen. Rearranging your cabinets simply means changing their layout. So, as you apply the tips listed above, you should try placing the cabinets in a different configuration. At least you won't have to purchase new cabinets, and yet you'll have changed the overall look of your kitchen.

Change the Hinges

Assuming you have had your cabinets for over a decade, the hinges may already be worn out. Even if they are still working, they might be covered in rust. So, as you restore your wooden cabinets, you may want to replace the hinges. New hinges will not only improve the performance of your doors but also make them look incredible.

Replace the Hardware

Your cabinet restoration project will be incomplete if you fail to replace the hardware. So, before you call it a wrap, replace all the knobs or handles on your cabinet doors. You'll be spoilt for choice when choosing cabinet hardware. All in all, ensure that you choose knobs or handles with the right color combination.

You don't have to replace your wooden cabinets every few years. Restoring them will buy you time before you put some money aside to purchase new cabinets. 

For more information about custom cabinets, contact a local company. 


12 September 2022

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