Kitchen Remodeling: Increase The Size Of Your Island's Overhang


If you plan to add a new countertop to your kitchen island soon, you may want to increase the surface or counter space on it as well. But if you don't know how to increase the surface space on your island's countertop properly, you may just redo the countertop instead. You can make your island look more spacious by increasing its overhang. Learn how you can increase the size of your kitchen island's overhang below.

How Can You Make Your Island Look Larger?

An overhang describes the section of countertop that exceeds or goes beyond the base of a cabinet. Overhangs generally protect cabinets and drawers from water, food, and other things that may damage them. However, some overhangs may not be large or spacious enough to seat and serve guests as well as prepare meals during the week. 

Standard kitchen islands usually come with 1 1/2-inch long overhangs. Although the overhangs may be fine for some homeowners, other homeowners may need longer overhangs on their islands. The size of your island's overhang may depend on how many guests you plan to seat and serve during parties and other occasions.

For instance, if you plan to serve multiple guests during the holidays, you may want to add at least 12 inches of surface space to your island's overhang. Your guests need plenty of surface room to enjoy their meals. Your guests' knees should also be able to fit comfortably beneath the overhang without touching, crowding, or bumping into it during mealtimes.

If you want to add more space to your island's overhang, call a kitchen remodeling contractor for an appointment soon.

How Can a Contractor Help?

To help you save time and money on your kitchen remodeling project, a contractor can remodel your entire kitchen island for you. A contractor can help you select a countertop material that works best for your island. A contractor can also make the countertop large enough to overhang the edges of your island's cabinets. 

The first thing a remodeling contractor may do is ask you to choose a material for your countertop. You may want to select a countertop material that matches or enhances the appliances and designs in your kitchen. You can look over a countertop style guide to help you select the countertop material you need.

A contractor will also cut the material into the size you need for your island. After a contractor creates the ideal countertop and overhang for your island, they'll install it.

If you need help making your kitchen island's countertop and overhang look better or more spacious, consult a remodeling contractor today. For more information on home remodeling, contact a professional near you.


20 July 2022

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