Preparing A Design For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


The process of designing a new kitchen remodeling project can be an exciting experience due to the opportunity that it will represent to improve the look and functionality of the kitchen space.

Create A Design That Utilizes The Space On The Walls 

For those that have smaller kitchens, it will be a necessity to prioritize efficiency in your use of space. The walls between the cabinets and the countertop can be an area that many people will fail to utilize when they are preparing their remodeling designs. However, this can be an ideal space to install hangers for knives and other appliances. Additionally, there are some microwaves and other appliances that may be installed in these areas.

Install A Larger Backsplash For The Sink

The backsplash for the sink is a feature that can be easy to overlook when preparing kitchen remodeling designs. However, it is one of the areas that will be the most important for protecting the walls against water damage when the sink is being used. As you are evaluating potential backsplashes, it is often advisable to opt for ones that are substantially larger than what you may expect to need. This can provide protection in situations where substantially larger splashing occurs. For example, cleaning spoons and other round items in the sink can cause water to be splashed over a significantly larger area. By having a large enough backsplash installed, you can account for these instances so that the wall behind your kitchen sink will be protected. Luckily, there are backsplashes that can be effective while still being aesthetically pleasing so that they can complement the rest of your kitchen design.

Consider The Ease Of Navigating The Kitchen When Carrying Baking Sheets Or Large Pots

When a person is preparing their kitchen design, they may plan for walkways that are large enough for them to pass through normally. However, this can lead to creating paths that will be too narrow when your hands are full with large baking sheets, pots, or other items that you may need to use while you are preparing food. During this part of the process, choosing a design that will have enough space for you to easily move around despite carrying large items or bags of groceries can substantially enhance the accessibility and functionality of this space. In addition to making it a more comfortable area to occupy, this may also reduce the chances of an accident occurring due to the space being too confined.


28 June 2022

Choosing A Remodeling Theme

After I started focusing more seriously on making over my home, I realized that there were a few things I needed to do. For starters, I realized that I needed to go through and work with a professional to rework the space. We talked about things like workflow and the initial impression of the space, and it was great to hear someone else's opinion of what needed to happen. Within about six months, the entire area was completely finished, and I was really happy with how things turned out. This blog is all about choosing a remodeling theme when you are making over your home.