Should You Remodel Your Small Kitchen Sink?


If your kitchen sink is too small or too outdated to use properly, you may wonder if you should remodel it soon. If your kitchen sink prevents you from washing or preparing your meat and other foods properly, you probably want to go ahead and remodel or upgrade it. A larger or updated sink may be more suitable for your needs. Use the information below to help you select the right sink for your kitchen today. 

Is Your Sink Too Small or Outdated?

Standard kitchen sinks generally come with 8- to 10-inch deep bowls. If your sink bowl is shallower than 8 or 10 inches, it may not be large enough to meet your family's needs each day. Small sink bowls may only allow you to do certain tasks in your kitchen, such as wash or soak your dishes. The lack of space inside your sink bowl may also make it difficult to clean meat and other foods properly. You may end up splashing contaminated water on the surfaces of your counters and cabinets. 

Your sink may also be too scratched or tarnished for your kitchen. Sinks can last for many years before they show signs of wear and tear. However, the metal points of knives, forks, and other utensils can damage sinks over time. The metal surfaces of sinks can also lose their shiny appearance. Even if update your counters, your sink may still look out of place.

The reasons above are just a couple of things to consider about your kitchen sink. If you want to upgrade your sink with something better, contact a remodeling contractor soon. 

Is There a Better Sink for Your Kitchen?

A remodeling contractor can visit your home and inspect your kitchen sink for you. A contractor can help you select a sink replacement that comes with a deeper bowl. You may want to go ahead and upgrade your single-bowl sink with a double-bowl sink. A double-bowl sink allows you to:

  • wash and dry dishes at the same time
  • wash and prepare meat and other foods without cross-contaminating your kitchen
  • soak or sanitize large pots and other containers

A contractor may also recommend you upgrade the counter space surrounding your new sink. You want to ensure your new sink doesn't leak or wear down after you install it. A contractor can prevent these issues by widening the counter space surrounding the sink.

Contact a remodeling service, such as Custom Design Build Remodeling, to learn more. 


9 June 2022

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