Three Ways To Deal With A Kitchen Structural Column


Many kitchens, especially those that are large, have structural columns in them. You may have one of these vertical posts somewhere in your kitchen and view it as an eyesore. If you want to improve the look of your kitchen, doing something about this column may be on your list. These columns are load-bearing, so they're impractical to remove or relocate. Instead, your kitchen remodeling contractor can make all sorts of changes that will help the column not to stand out so much. Here are three creative ways that you can deal with a structural column in your kitchen during a remodeling project.

Kitchen Island

A lot of people add islands to their kitchens, and this may be something that interests you. Depending on the placement of the structural column within this part of your home, you might want the island to incorporate the column in some manner. One option is to build the island against the side of the column, while some people opt for positioning the island around the column. You may find that when the column looks like it's part of your island structure, it won't stand out as much as it once did.

Half Wall

If you have a spacious kitchen and are looking for another way to deal with your unsightly structural column, talk to your contractor about building a half wall that stretches from the column to the nearest wall. The column will serve as an endpoint to the half wall and not appear so stark because it will no longer be standing on its own. A half-wall can be handy in some kitchens, depending on their layout. You can use the top of the half-wall as a place to store cooking equipment or various types of kitchenware.

Second Column

If you feel that your kitchen lacks visual symmetry, in part because of the structural column, another option is to have your kitchen contractor add another column to make the space appear more symmetrical. This second column won't be load-bearing; it will be merely cosmetic. You may find that the kitchen has more of a balanced look when there are a pair of columns in it. There are lots of opportunities to consider when you have two columns, too. Depending on their location, you might have your contractor build a bar-style seating area that stretches between the two columns.

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18 April 2022

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