Shower Remodeling Options That Will Simplify Your Life


You may not initially think that remodeling your shower is a chance to simplify your routine. However, if you outfit your shower with the right options, you can reduce the time you spend cleaning and maintaining the shower over the years. It will be so nice not to have to spend Saturdays scrubbing and caulking! So, what shower remodeling options should you consider for simplicity? Here are a few top options:

Built-in Shelves

If you're having your shower walls tiled, then talk to your contractor about including a built-in shelf or two in your design. They can often recess a portion of the shower between the wall joists. This gives you a convenient place to put your shampoos, body washes, and other supplies, which means you won't have to buy an extra cubby or hanger for this purpose. It's also easier to clean a built-in shelf than to repeatedly move a portable shelf to clean behind it. 

Smooth Tile

When selecting the tile for your shower, try to pick an option that has a smooth surface. This will hold on to less grime and gunk than a really textured tile. You will likely be able to wipe it clean, rather than having to scrub it. If there are textured tiles that you really like, consider using them only as an accent. Scrubbing a few of them clean isn't too bad compared to scrubbing a whole shower.

Non-Slip Floor

Ask your shower remodeling contractor to include a non-slip floor. There are certain tiles made especially for this purpose, and there are also finishes they can apply to the floor to make it grippy. This will keep you from having to buy a non-slip floor mat to put in the shower. Having to move and clean a shower floor mat is not fun, and they tend to accumulate algae — so a non-slip floor is a cleaner option, overall.

Frameless Door

If you decide to include a shower door in your design, rather than a shower curtain, make sure you pick a frameless door. They are so much easier to keep clean than framed doors since there are no grooves and corners for grime to get caught in. 

When remodeling your shower, make sure you keep cleaning and maintenance in mind. By choosing built-in shelves, non-slip floors, smooth tile, and a frameless shower door, you will be better off. Simplicity is often the key here.


4 March 2022

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