How To Maintain Your Home Walk-In Bathtub


A home walk-in bathtub is a great addition to your home that offers healing and comforting benefits. Although bathtubs are designed to provide years of comfort, you need to properly maintain your tub to continue enjoying its benefits. Here are simple maintenance tips for residential walk-in bathtubs.

Clean It Often

You should often clean your bathtub to keep it in good shape. There are different intervals and levels of cleaning you should incorporate to keep your tub clean and shiny. Your bathtub cleaning schedule should include daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. 

It is recommended to lightly clean your bathtub daily after use to keep the tab clean and ready for use. Light cleaning is easy and takes less time as it involves rinsing off the tab to remove soap residue. 

Weekly cleaning is deeper than everyday cleaning. Your bathtub will accumulate soap residue and oil after days or weeks of constant use. So, during deep cleaning, you will need to use hot water detergent and run water jets for a few minutes. Repeat the process until the tub is clean.

Use Mild Scrubbers and Cleaning Detergents

Avoid using harsh scrubbers to clean your tub since they could scratch and dull the tub surface. Instead of using harsh scrubbers like wires and metal brushes, you can clean using a sponge, soft cloth, or toothbrush to clean the tub. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber cloth to get rid of residue that accumulates on surface cleaners.

Additionally, you should only use mild detergents to clean your tub since they are gentle on the finishing. Harsh bleaching chemicals are abrasive and could damage the tub's surface. You should never run jets in a dry bathtub.

Seek Repair for any Damage on the Tub

Although tubs are made using high-quality, sturdy material sometimes, tubs could get damaged over time. Occasionally inspect your tub to check for any damage on the surface, moving parts, plumbing, or other fixtures around the tub.

Instead of repairing the damage by yourself, always call in the experts. Attempting DIY repairs could result in further damage to the tub. Besides, you are likely to worsen the damage or void the tub warranty without the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to make repairs.

Get Remodeling Contractors to Help

The above tips will ensure your walk-in bathtub remains clean and runs smoothly. Remember to avoid harsh scrubbers and detergents during cleaning. Always call in professional bathroom remodeling contractors if you need to renovate your bathtub.  


16 February 2022

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