Debating Between A Tear-Off Or Layover Roof? Know These 4 Things


Are you in need of a new roof and debating between a tear-off roof and a layover roof? If so, it will help to know the following 4 things.

Layover Roofs Will Cost Less Up Front

The process of getting a layover roof means that the new roofing material will be laid over the old roofing material. This is going to save you money during the installation process in several ways. You will not have to pay for the labor involved with ripping that old roofing material off, and you won't have to pay for the disposal of all that material as well. If you have a tight budget for your new roof, a layover may be the most affordable option.

Tear-Off Roofs Allow For More Repair

The biggest benefit of tearing off your old roof is that it is going to expose all of the old decking material. While you can get a decent look at the decking from the attic of your home, there is no real way to inspect the eaves and the valleys of the roof unless you strip it down to the roof deck. This allows you to make repairs to your roof deck so that you have a solid base to secure your roofing material to.

Layover Roofs Require Certain Materials

The concept of a layover roof may sound great to you, but you must determine if you can actually pull it off with the old material that you have and the material you want to use. That is because certain materials, like architectural shingles, require a completely flat surface to install them on. It is not going to be possible to put those shingles on top of asphalt shingles, since they do not lay completely flat. 

Tear-Off Roofs Are Sometimes Necessary Based On Building Codes

Be aware that there are building codes that must be followed when installing a new roof, which includes how many layers of roofing material you can have installed on a home. If you already have two layers of roofing material, you may not be able to install a third layer. This means that you'll be forced to have a tear off roof installed. That's why it's worth investigating how many layers of roofing material are currently on your home.

Reach out to a local roofing service for more information about tear off and layover roofs or to get a quote.


29 January 2021

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