Utilizing All Available Space: Kitchen Remodeling For Small Kitchens Explained


Having a small kitchen is typically not something most homeowners place at the tops of their lists. If anything, they always want a bigger kitchens. However, when you have completely fallen in love with everything else about a house, you can always try to change the kitchen for the better. Here is how to utilize all available space in your small kitchen design and remodel. 

When There Is No Room Down, Look Up

Floor space in a small kitchen may be at a premium because of all the major appliances that typically go in one's kitchen. Yet, how much available space do you have closer to the ceiling? Do you have some upper wall space that is open and available? Look at different ways to add more cabinets or more kitchen storage at this level, which helps offset the fact that you do not have much space elsewhere. 

Tuckaway Surprises

When you lack places for basic kitchen necessities, such as a prep table for chopping and slicing or placing a roll of paper towel, there are ways to have these things in reach. They are often referred to as "tuckaways" or secret spaces in a kitchen that fold down or drop down out of little hidey-holes. Instead of putting a clock radio under a kitchen cabinet, you can install a paper towel roller.

Directly under your available countertop, you can pull out a cutting board. Wipe it off when you are done chopping things, and then push it back into its secret space. Flip a secret partition down from just beneath the counter around your kitchen sink. and you have a little storage space for sponges, steel wool pads, etc.. Your kitchen remodeling designer can provide you with tons of little special spaces to make a tiny kitchen fit more stuff. 

The Incredible Shrinking Appliances

If you can live with smaller kitchen appliances to get more cupboard and countertop space, it can be done. Stoves with four burners are made to be half the size of full-sized ranges, and still have four burners. They are just narrower and cannot fit large cooking pans in the oven. Refrigerators can also be much smaller, in width, length, and height, in case you want even more cabinet space above your refrigerator. You can choose to do without a dishwasher, or you can buy an economy model, which is significantly smaller than a standard dishwasher. Doing all of the above may give you an extra foot to two feet of space for cabinets and countertops. 

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27 May 2019

Choosing A Remodeling Theme

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