2 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom For Your Elderly Parent


If you have an elderly parent who does not get around very well and is coming to live with you and your family, you may be busy making preparations to make your home more convenient for them. As part of your efforts, you may wonder what you can do in the bathroom to make it safer, besides installing grab bars around the shower. If so, use the following tips for remodeling your bathroom before your loved one arrives. 

1. Adjust the Heights of the Bathroom Fixtures

As people get older, they are often not as steady on their feet, especially when they have to either reach up or bend down to complete a task. If they lose their balance in the bathroom, the risk of serious injury is high, since there are many hard surfaces on which they can hurt themselves, such as the toilet, sink, or bathtub. To help make it easier for your parent to take care of their personal hygiene without having to reach or bend too far, consider adjusting the heights of the fixtures in your bathroom. For example, your sink may not be low enough to accommodate your loved one, especially if they are in a wheelchair or have to stoop while using a walker. You can have the sink lowered so they can reach it easier.

Or, if your toilet is too low, your parent would have to bend their knees sharply to sit down on it. In this case, consider installing a toilet with a higher seat. For extra safety, have grab bars installed on either side of the seat so your parent can steady themselves.

2. Install More Light Sources 

Another problem some elderly people have is that their eyesight is not as good as it was when they were younger. Because of this, they may need more light to see clearly. If your bathroom only has one light and is generally dark, they may not be able to safely move around because they cannot see where they are going. To help them see better in the bathroom, consider having more light installed. You could change out the main fixture for one that can accommodate a brighter light or install a waterproof light in the shower area. You can also install a vanity mirror that is lined with light bulbs to help illuminate the sink area.

The above tips are only a couple of ways you can make your bathroom safer for when your elderly parent comes to live with you. Contact a contractor who offers bathroom remodeling services for more ideas and personalized advice on changes you can make.


27 April 2019

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