How To Change Your Cabinet Doors


The style and functionality of your cabinets relies on the doors; that is, as they get older, cabinet doors can definitely start to open and close more clumsily. On top of this, the style of your doors can look outdated if they are old; doors have decorative miters that give them their style. If your cabinet doors have not been changed in a while, they will not only be harder to use, but they will also be more out of style. This article focuses on how homeowners can replace their own cabinet doors:

Ordering Your New Doors

Cabinet door replacement is actually fairly manageable work. You will need to have your doors made by professional cabinet maker and delivered directly to your home. The job is also much easier if your new doors come with the new hinges pre-attached to them.

It is also very helpful if you have your doors painted before they are delivered. It is possible to paint them or stain them yourself if you want to apply a custom finish; this is definitely something you want to do before you actually try to install the door. Many people will save money by ordering unfinished doors and then applying their own stain, but when you do this you also have to re-stain your cabinet box so everything looks good together. This way, all you really have to do is attach the door to the frame of the cabinet; however, this can be a little complicated if you don't have experience with finish woodworking.

Hanging the Doors

Hanging doors is very important work because you want to make sure they are level and that they close perfectly so they remain easy to use over the years. This is why, even when it comes to installing tiny doors, it is helpful to have two people on the job. One person needs to hold the door with a level, while the other attaches one hinge at a time. Most hinges have two screws, so attach one screw into the top hinge, and then secure a screw into the bottom hinge. Modern hinges can be adjusted slightly after they are secured, but you want to get it as close as possible before you tighten the second screw on each hinge. Now that your new doors are in place, it's just a matter of installing the new hardware.

Cabinet refacing is a very affordable way to effectively change the entire style of your old cabinets. Homeowners enjoy this project because they get to do the work on their own, and they get to save money.


2 May 2018

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