Tips For Choosing Shower Doors For Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel


If the time has come to remodel your home's "vintage" bathroom and make it look more modern, then these tips will help you choose the best shower doors for the project:

Tip: Decide What Type of Glass You Want the Shower Door to Have

The first decision you need to make before you shop for your new shower door is what type of glass you want it to have. Your options include:

  • clear glass
  • frosted glass
  • patterned glass
  • texturized glass

In addition, for a high-end shower, you can also buy shower glass that is etched with a wide variety of different designs.

Tip: Decide What Style of Shower Door is Most Appropriate for Your Shower's Entrance

If your newly remodeled shower has a wide entrance, then you should purchase a sliding shower door. However, if your shower has a small entrance, then it is best to use a pivoting door.

Tip: Always Create a Cardboard Mock-Up for a Pivoting Door

Since a pivoting shower door needs plenty of room to swing open, you should make up a quick mockup out of cardboard to ensure it won't hit the vanity or be in danger of damage if someone opens the bathroom door while it's in the open position.

Tip: Match the New Shower Door's Hardware to Your New Bathroom Fixtures

All shower doors have some visible hardware. When you buy your bathroom's new one, make sure that the hardware matches the new fixtures you will be installing. If you have not purchased new fixtures yet that's fine, but you need to decide if you will be using brass, gold tone, or another metal finish in the bathroom before you order your shower doors. If everything doesn't match, then your bathroom will look like it has been badly remodeled.  

Tip: Carefully Measure the Shower's Entrance Before You Go to the Home Improvement Center to Purchase or Order Your New Shower Doors

Finally, it is important that you carefully measure the shower's entrance so the new doors will fit into it. Doors that are too big will not fit into the opening, and doors that are too small will leave gaps on both sides that you will have to hide with extra tiling or other finishes. Measure the opening and write down its dimensions. Once you are done, measure again and make sure your measurements are correct so you can be assured you order shower doors that will fit into your remodeled bathroom.

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5 April 2018

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