Give Your Ceramic Toilet A Make-Over With Paint


When you do bathroom remodeling, you may notice your toilet looking faded. Your first thought usually is to discard the toilet, but a fresh coat of paint can revive the bowl and seat and help them blend with your new decorating. Most toilet bowls and seats are made from ceramic, and they are easy to paint by following these tips.

Prepare to Paint the Toilet

To paint a ceramic toilet, gather:

  • work gloves
  • dust mask 
  • eye goggles
  • painter's tape
  • drop cloths or plastic
  • rags
  • thick plastic brush
  • trisodium phosphate or white vinegar
  • 120-grit -grit sandpaper
  • small paint brush
  • acrylic spray primer
  • appliance epoxy paint 

Only paint ceramic surfaces, and don't attempt to paint foam toilet seats. Painting toilets works better if you have a spare toilet, since the paint requires at least 12-24 hours of drying time. Wear long sleeves to protect the skin from paint and trisodium phosphate.

Disconnect the toilet seat bolts or nuts by hand, and lay the toilet seat on a drop cloth or plastic outdoors or in a ventilated area. Spread drop cloths around the toilet to paint the bowl, and lay painter's tape over parts you don't want painted. 

Clean and Sand

Mix trisodium phosphate in water according to directions, and then scrub the toilet using the brush. If you prefer a natural cleaner, apply white vinegar mixed in some warm water in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that destroys germs and, it kills mildew. Rinse the toilet with damp rags, and let it dry for an hour or two — or use a clean rag to dry it.

Sand the surfaces to be painted to dull the finish — including the bottom of the toilet seat — so paint sticks better. Stop sanding when the surface feels grainy, and clean up the dust.

Prime and Paint

Only prime and paint the outside of the toilet bowl and not the inside or the top edges, or you will block the weep holes. The paint or primer won't likely last inside the bowl since it stays wet. 

When you buy paint and primer, make certain it is designed for ceramic surfaces. Don't buy epoxy paint intended for garage floors, since these paints commonly have silica in their formulas. 

Raise the lid on the seat back until it sits flat on the cloth or plastic, and let it dry. Use a small paint brush to spread it into tight places, and apply the spray paint, in the same manner, holding the nozzle several inches away from the surface. If you want to add a design, spray paint or brush on paint inside a stencil with assorted colors.


19 March 2018

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