What Are The Advantages Of Fiberglass Replacement Windows?


You've probably given a lot of thought to replacement windows for your home if you are looking to increase its value and make it more efficient, but there are so many different kinds, it can be difficult to track down the right types. Fiberglass replacement windows are perhaps one of the most modern players in the replacement window lineup, and they do seem to be a popular choice among homeowners, but why is that the case? Here is a look at some of the top advantages of fiberglass replacement windows over a few of the alternative choices. 

Fiberglass windows are more energy efficient than the traditional vinyl replacement windows. 

Vinyl windows are often a top choice for homeowners because they are a little less costly and highly common. However, fiberglass replacement windows tend to be more energy efficient for a few reasons. Fiberglass does not transfer air, whether it is hot or cold, which means when it is cold outside, the cold will not transfer through the windows. Likewise, if it is hot outside, you will not have issues with the fiberglass heating up and transferring heat to the inside of the house. 

Fiberglass windows can be painted easier than a lot of other window types. 

Fiberglass is available in a lot of different color choices where windows are concerned, which can be an incredible advantage over vinyl windows that are typically available in only white, grey, or shades of white and grey. But beyond that, fiberglass can also be painted fairly easily if you decide you want to change the color of the windows later on after they have already been installed. Vinyl windows do not hold paint easily, and wooden windows can take loads of prep work before they can be painted at all. 

Fiberglass windows are recyclable when they are removed or no longer in use. 

Not all windows are recyclable, which can pose an issue when the units reach the end of their lifespan and they are eventually replaced. If you are going for a more environmentally-friendly option in windows, fiberglass windows are the way to go because they are recyclable. The materials are easily broken back down into a state where it can be reused to manufacture new fiberglass products. 

At the end of the day, the type of windows you choose form your home can be a tough choice, but fiberglass windows definitely have their advantages. Contact a remodeling contractor who specializes in fiberglass windows for further information. 


16 February 2018

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