3 Easy Ways To Ease The Burden On Tenants During An Apartment Complex Remodel


Keeping your rental properties up to date and in good condition is the key to ensuring the rental property value stays on the up and up. However, remodeling an apartment complex can be somewhat of a challenge because it is highly unlikely that every unit will be empty at the time of the work. The last thing you want to do is cause problems for your tenants during a remodel, so the whole ordeal will take careful planning. Here is a look at a few easy ways you can ease the burden on tenants during an apartment complex remodel. 

Avoid remodeling around the holidays. 

There can be nothing worse than making plans for a holiday at home, inviting a few friends and family members, and then finding out that your apartment complex is going to be undergoing remodel at that time. These projects can take a lot of time, but you should be able to work it out so the events are not taking place during or close to the holidays. Otherwise, your tenants could be dealing with lack of parking space, unsightly messes, and other general hassles that can come along with such a large construction project. 

Make arrangements for parking. 

In most apartment complex settings, the tenants will share an open lot. During your remodeling project, you have to remember that the contractors involved will need a place to park as well, which could crowd out your tenants. This can either be handled by asking all contractors involved to not use the parking area of the complex, if that is possible, or you can arrange for alternative parking for your tenants at a nearby complex or parking garage if that becomes necessary. Just don't forget to arrange for parking and leave your tenants unexpectedly coming home to discover they have nowhere to park at their own home. 

Keep tenants informed about life disruptions. 

Remodeling projects can involve multiple levels of work, and can definitely cut into ordinary life with a few inconveniences. For example, if you will be updated the hot water heaters in the units, your tenants will have to deal with the water being shut off for a bit. The key to ensuring tenants do not find themselves overly annoyed by an unexpected situation, keep them informed with the project. Let them know if there will be major happenings or minimal things that could get in the way of their usual routine at home. 

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2 February 2018

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