2 Replacement Window Styles That Will Give Your Home's Living Space The Wow Factor


The windows of a home are often taken for granted and seen as a merely functional feature. As well as light, ventilation, and a view of the world outside, windows can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Depending on your choice of windows, this can be a positive impact or a highly negative one.

This is particularly true in regards to the windows that are used in the living areas of your home. These rooms are the ones most commonly used by the occupants and also the areas that your guests will be received in. For these reasons, if you're replacing the windows in one or more of these rooms, it's important to choose wisely with a view to making some visual impact and creating the wow factor. Here are two stunning window ideas for the living rooms in your home.

1. A picture window

If your home is located in a position that has a commanding view of the landscape, then it makes sense to capitalize on that view when choosing a new window. Opting for a large and impressive picture window to replace a standard sized window is a great way to do that.

Although you may feel hesitant to lose a fairly big expanse of wall space, the benefits you'll get from a picture window should outweigh these concerns. The increased natural light, enhanced vista, and the visual grandeur of a picture window will be a rewarding compromise for the loss of wall space.

2. French doors

While technically a door, not a window, as set of French doors is still a wonderful choice as a replacement for existing windows in your living area. As well as the benefits of increased light and external views, you'll also create a beautiful flow between your indoor living space and outdoor living space.

French doors also add a timeless and classic elegance to a room which works well in both contemporary and traditional homes. They also provide you with a wide choice in styles, glazing styles, and colors, which gives you the opportunity to customize the look of your living space and create an eye-catching and stylish feature.

New windows can make an enormous amount of difference to the interior and exterior design of your home. With these two window ideas, you can take this difference to a whole new level of style and attractiveness. Contact companies like Affordable Home Remodeling to learn more.


3 October 2017

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