Change Up The Look Of Your House With One Of These Replacement Window Shapes


When it's time to replace one of the windows in your home, there's nothing wrong with going to a window retailer with the measurements of your current window and buying an exact replica. However, you can also use this opportunity to go a different route. You may wish to give some thought to a different shape for your replacement window. Generally, the replacement window will need to be slightly larger than your old window, as the installer will simply cut more of the wall away. This requires less labor and expense than trying to install a smaller window in a larger hole. Here are some window shapes that you might consider.


Although you probably wouldn't want too many circular windows throughout your house, adding one as a replacement for one of your current square or rectangular windows can be a good idea. A circular window adds a lot of visual appeal from both the outside of your home and the inside. And, provided that you select a circular window that is large enough, it can be considerably bigger than the window it's replacing, thus allowing more light to come into the home.


Some homes already have an octagonal window; traditionally, many builders used this shape of window in the bathroom. Although not every homeowner might like the octagonal shape, many people appreciate that it adds a unique look to the room in which it's located, as well as provides a unique appearance from the exterior of the house. Octagonal windows are generally small, as a large window of this shape might be a bit much. You can readily find octagonal windows that do not open, as well as those that open to allow fresh air inside.


Sometimes known as "eyebrow" shape, this type of window is one that has an arched top but otherwise looks like a rectangle. As with the above choices, an eyebrow-shaped window is valuable for providing visual intrigue. And, because of the arched top, it's slightly larger than a similar-sized rectangular window, which means that more light will be coming into your home. Eyebrow-shaped windows work well in many locations. Some people actually favor having one at the top of their front door; in this location, the window will make the door look better, but its height and relatively small size mean that it's unlikely a burglar would be able to break in through the window.

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29 August 2017

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