Benefits Of Replacing The Old Windows In Your Home


Windows are great for letting in light and being able to see the world around you but when they are old and worn they can let more than sunlight in as well as allowing things out. Replacing your windows with modern windows is a great way to tighten up your home and reduce expenses over the long term.

Leaking Windows

The older the windows in your home are, the more likely they are to leak and let cold air into your home in the winter. They can also let heat escape and in the summer let the cool air conditioned air out around the sills. If they are wooden, they may be rotting as well. Replacing the entire window and frame with a new vinyl or aluminum window will help improve the efficiency of the windows and reduce the maintenance involved in keeping them looking nice over the years.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Your old windows are most likely single pane windows with one piece of glass between you and the outside. They were okay in their day but there are so many more efficient windows on the market today. A double hung or pane window uses 2 panes of glass that are sealed into a frame with an inert gas between them The gas helps to create a barrier that insulates the glass so the cold stay on the outside and the warmth stays inside. They are available with wooden, vinyl, or aluminum frames and in many sizes. If you can not find the size you need, you can order custom sizes but you will have to wait for them to be made.

Selecting a style

Once you decide what type of windows you want for your home, you will need to take a look at the styles available and pick one for your home. There are as many styles as there are sizes., so take your time and choose a design that fits your home and you will be happy with for many years to come.

Installing Your New Windows

When you are planning to get new windows for your home, hiring a contractor to install them in the best option. The sills where your old windows were installed may need repair work and the time involved in the job is not just on installing the windows. The trim work inside must be removed and saved so it can be reused, the siding outside may need to be removed and replaces, and the windows are heavy and may require several people to handle them safely. You can do the work yourself if you are comfortable doing so but the job will be completed faster if you hire an experienced contractor to do the work.

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13 August 2017

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