Designing A Practical Outdoor Kitchen


It's very fun to eat outside, but why not take the next step and try cooking outdoors? A lot of the rules of setting up a great outdoor kitchen are similar to the rules of setting up a great indoor kitchen. 

Create Functional Zones

Make sure to setup functional zones. There needs to be a hot zone and a cool zone. The cool zone will be where you place your refrigerator and freezer, for example. Establish a wet area for sinks. Then, have a dry area for food preparation. As long as these four are established, you will have a functional kitchen. 

Decide where everyone will eat. One option is to have everyone eat at the counter. The counter will need to be large enough. However, the kitchen may be hot and congested, so you may want to instead have a designated dining area. Create a social area as well because people tend to congregate near the kitchen.

Choose Practical Appliances

Outdoor grills are an obvious part of an outdoor kitchen. However, you can expand your cooking options with an outdoor oven. A more traditional oven, such as a brick or stone oven, is highly recommended. 

Protect Against The Elements

One of the challenges of designing an outdoor kitchen is making sure that everything is waterproof. For example, cabinets need to be protected from water to avoid warping and to avoid mold forming within the cabinets. Food should not be stored outside because it will attract pests and mold. Appliances must be waterproof to avoid short circuiting or issues with corrosion. Metals must have protective coatings to avoid corroding. To better protect your kitchen from the elements, consider constructing a shelter. This can also provide a place for people to congregate when there is an unexpected downpour or if you want to continue to enjoy the outdoors even when it is raining. 

Install Utilities

Another challenge is plumbing and electricity. You may need to spend money in order to extend your home's utilities so that they reach the appliances. Simply having an extension cord is impractical and can be a tripping hazard. Instead, it may be better to have underground pipes that carry wires. If you intend to watch television, you may wish to have utilities for this as well. With a WiFi signal, you should be able to access the Internet, but you may wish to setup a WiFi hotspot. 


11 August 2017

Choosing A Remodeling Theme

After I started focusing more seriously on making over my home, I realized that there were a few things I needed to do. For starters, I realized that I needed to go through and work with a professional to rework the space. We talked about things like workflow and the initial impression of the space, and it was great to hear someone else's opinion of what needed to happen. Within about six months, the entire area was completely finished, and I was really happy with how things turned out. This blog is all about choosing a remodeling theme when you are making over your home.