Just Moved Into A Fixer-Upper? Improve The Kitchen With Features That Will Last A Lifetime


Becoming a homeowner can put you into one of many scenarios, depending on what kind of home you buy. For instance, getting a turnkey home means that you will be able to walk through the door and know that everything in the home is ready to be used and lived in for a while before work must be done. You may have ended up buying a fixer-upper because you love the idea of improving it with your family. If you are ready to start improving, you should consider remodeling the kitchen with long-lasting features.


Moving into your forever home means that you can think about your entire life when it comes to upgrading the house. It is possible to take the same approach in a starter house, but you will benefit most from adding features that you are confident will last for as long as you are living in your forever home. The countertop in the kitchen is one feature that you can work on to make it last a lifetime. Laminate or butcher-block counters might look nice, but they will not keep up when it comes to longevity. You are best off choosing a material such as granite or quartz that are both proven to last a lifetime with ease.


Another area where you can gain a feature that will last your entire life is the flooring. If you want to go the hardwood route, you will want to get solid planks so that they can handle many refinishes. Another option is to choose tile flooring that should be easy to maintain with routine grout cleaning. Both flooring types are great because if one plank gets damaged or a tile ends up cracking, you can replace them.


When it comes to the walls, you will need to repaint them every decade or so. But, you can add a backsplash to the area behind the countertop and make it last a lifetime depending on your decisions. If you end up choosing a tile backsplash, you should be able to enjoy this feature for many decades. Since it is more likely that you will want to change the backsplash due to preference changes, you may want to go for something neutral and rely on more temporary features in the kitchen to stylize the room.

Remodeling the kitchen with these tips will give you changes that can last a lifetime. For professional help with planning your kitchen remodel, contact a company like J&B Fine Cabinetry.


9 August 2017

Choosing A Remodeling Theme

After I started focusing more seriously on making over my home, I realized that there were a few things I needed to do. For starters, I realized that I needed to go through and work with a professional to rework the space. We talked about things like workflow and the initial impression of the space, and it was great to hear someone else's opinion of what needed to happen. Within about six months, the entire area was completely finished, and I was really happy with how things turned out. This blog is all about choosing a remodeling theme when you are making over your home.