How To Install Concealed Cabinet Hinges


If you are in the midst of kitchen remodeling and want to update your wooden kitchen cabinets, install concealed hinges. Concealed hinges, or Euro hinges, create a sleek finish, since they fasten on the interior of the cabinet door, and they can easily be adjusted.

Concealed hinges are more complex to install than exterior hinges, but it isn't impossible for a beginning DIY person. Follow these tips to install concealed cabinet hinges.

Prepare to Install the Hinges

You need to gather:

  • work gloves
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • combination square
  •  Phillips mounting screw driver
  •  electric drill
  •  Forstner drill bit
  •  8mm drill bit
  • wood screws shorter than the frame width  
  • Euro hinge kit

If you have framed cabinet boxes, choose the length of the overlap you want, and decide between a full overlay hinge or a half-inch overlay hinge. Measure the frame depth to get the desired overlay. The half overlay hinge overlaps on half the frame width and a full overlay only exposes an eight-inch of the frame. 

Detach the doors and hardware, and lay the doors on a flat surface. On frameless cabinets, begin measuring two to three inches from the inside bottom and down from the upper cabinet box. Make a mark on these areas with a pencil to use as a guide for placing mounting brackets.

Drill the Holes

The kit should come with a template to mark screw hole position. If it doesn't have a template, position the cup part of the hinge on the back of the door in the desired location, and trace the shape. 

Remove the hinge, and trace around the inner cup. Do this for each hinge you want to install. Mark the holes for the screws and dowels on the left.

The holes for concealed hinges require a Forstner drill bit and a drill press to make flat holes. Drill on  35 mm hole for the hinges, and drill the 8mm holes with the 8mm drill bit for the dowels on the left side of the large hole and above it. In most cases, you will only need to make the holes half an inch deep.

Install the Hinges

Position the cup of the hinge into the depression at a 90-degree angle to the door edge, using the combination square. Attach a wood screw for each cup, tighten the screws halfway by hand, check alignment, then tighten them completely.

Insert the screws for the mounting bracket in the same manner. Reinstall the door by aligning the hinges with the plate, and adjust them with the screwdriver so the door is even with the cabinet.


6 August 2017

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